The team
An authentic team, athypique, epic, fantastic, family areas !

Extérieur Nature & Aventure is a big team, or rather a big family, who has been working for more than 10 years in the development of outdoor activities for as many people as possible !
In « La base », as we call it lovingly, you will find our members a little bit everywhere : At the reception, in the trees around the adventure park, in the most beautiful canyon of Pyrenees-Oriental or slaving over a hot stove in our restaurant.
To welcome you : Our swiss army knife from the office !
The office team is composed by swiss army knife, with several duties : Victor, Lucie, Cécilia, Léa, Clémence, Tom and Pierre are keys elements and absolutely multi-function !
Their sweet voice on the phone, their kind smile at the reception, and their presence on social networks … They will be truly able to advise and help you to organize your journey around the Pyrénées-Orientales !
In the trees : Our operators on your side !
They will accompany you throughout your journey on our trees. From the briefing to potential rescues, our dream team is composed by : Jéremy, Quentin, Sandra, Hugo, Flavien, and Vicky !
Don’t worry, they keep an eye on you :
  • As adviser from the ground, they are here to give you tips and stuff all along the trick. They know the place as the back of their hand !
  • Directly on the trees, they are here to rescue you from every dangerous situation !
Be reassured, nothing gets past them. Then, be ready to go beyond your limits !
Under the sun : take a gourmet break !
Fabien in the kitchen ! No joke, but our “cook” have guts ! A well-honed humor, a well-rounded temper, Mediterranean character : just like his food !
Sophie at the catering service : A big smile and a strong « South-France » accent fit wonderfully with the atmosphere and cicadas song. Our nice Sophie will be glad to serve you !
Rémi behing the bar ! To serve you in the bar, he is the man of the situation ! In case of getting a big thirst or feeling a little peckish, Rémi will be here for you !
In canyon, in cliff, our pro guides are your heroes !
Crazy about mountain and white water sports, this small crew of reckless ones will be on your side in the canyons and climbings routes or via ferrata. 
Now, you know who is the Team Extérieur Nature !