Mini-Raid Day !

Real challenge, after have crated your team, you will face others on 3 poles : aquatic, terrestrial, aerial on an half-day or an entire day ! 
This « mini-raid » concept play out on our activities base but also exportable and adjustable on a place you choose in Occitanie region !
  • 2h30 or 4h30 of activities according to the desired formula
  • Aquatic event : tubing + towed rafting
  • Terrestrial event : Eco-friendly orientation trail 
  • Aerial event : aerian course + ziplines
The mini-raid is an immersion in a natural environment which allow to put in value solidarity, cohesion and team spirit of each of you in friendly and dynamic atmosphere.
For the good progress of activities and in a spirit of friendliness and competitivity, participants will be split in team on différent event .


Here different activities proposed on our mini-raids :

  • Aquatic trip : tubing + towed rafting 
Tubing is an individual buoy specially made for river descent. Thank’s to a double paddle you will go down the river. This activity can be done as a relay or a slalom. Freshness and laugh for sure !
  • Adventure trip : Eco-friendly orientation trail
Tags are hidden on obstacles more or less recognizable. Thank’s to a map, each team should find their exact location  and to punch the carton provided for the purpose in the order you want.  Puzzles will be fixed on each tags, reporting bonus point (if resolved).
Optional :
Add a quizz with the theme of your choice could be annexed : professional, general culture, news…
Add a ecological ethic : All along the course, the participants equipped with garbage bag, should pick the maximum of waste.
  • Aerial trip : tree climbing + ziplines
All teams will face on 2 different level courses (lien interne page accrobranche) thank’s to several ziplines, monkey bridge adove the river and others workshop…
The most beautiful acrobatic figures will win this aerial event

Plan de la base