Adolescent & Adult courses
For more than 1m40, the whole park is accessible, from green courses to black courses

For more than 1m40, the entire park is accessible, green courses to black courses, there is something for everyone : from small families to challengers !

3 Green courses :
Live yours first strong sensations in heigh on initiation courses open from 1m20.
It’s perfect in family with your children from 6/7 years old.
Share a family time !

Green 1 (+ of 1m20)
  • Tibetan bridge
  • Trapeze
  • Beamcrossings

Green 2 (+ of 1m20)
  • Zig-Zag
  • Climbing wall 
  • Swing

Green 3 (+ of 1m20)
  • Treehouse 
  • ​Giant zip-line
3 Blue courses :
Your first step on the green course give you the desire of more ? Go to the blue courses, open from more than 1m20 !
Cross the river on our ziplines : an adventure to share with your family !
Blue 1 (+ of 1m20)
  • Ziplines over the river up to 25m
  • Cobweb
  • flying skate

Blue 2 (+ of 1m20)
  • 35m ziplines
  • Bridge swing
  • Monkey bridge

Blue 3 (+ of 1m20)
  • Zip-line
  • Rope bridge

Adolescent & Adult courses

3 red courses:
Here, the level become harder. From 15m of the floor you need to keep cool to progress on these courses which request more balance and synchronization than big arms.
Red 1 (+ of 1m40)
  • Several ziplines up to 40m
  • Slackline 
  • Tarzan’s jump
Red 2 (+ de 1m40)
  • 100m zipline over the river
  • Swing
  • 8m climbing net

Red 3 (+ de 1m40)
  • Wakeboard
  • Giant Indiana Jones bridge
  • Zip-line over the river
1 black course:
Those who don’t have big arms should demonstrate technical. Exceed your limits on this arms course, be strong and brave.
Black (+ of 1m50 and + of 40kg)
  • 5 ziplines up to 160m
  • Swing
  • Giant slackline above the river

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