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Presentation of activities :

Exterieur Nature et Extérieur Aventure are twins companies, the same team manage the both companies, in order to offer a huge choice of outdoor activities, for everybody.
Since more than 8 years, Exterieur Nature offer white water sports like :
  • Canyoning
  • Rafting
  • Hydrospeed
And also mountain sports like :
  • Rock climbing 
  • Via Ferrata
All of these activities are offered under the responsability of our guide team (french guide diplomas ).

Canyoning :

Click here and discover the Canyoning by EXTERIEUR NATURE

Initiate yourself to the canyoning : total escape and various waterfalls : natural toboggan, jump (optionnal) and abseiling descent !
+/- 2h30 activities
Ideal for family, suitable for beginners, from 8years old
Sport discover of the canyoning : abseiling under waterfalls up to 27m, jump up to 7m, toboggan ! Perfect for live your first feelings in canyon.
+/- 3h of activities
For sportsman, family with teenagers, from 12 years old

Sequence of 21 waterfalls : giant ejection toboggan, abseiling descent and jump up to 9 meters at the heart of the Canigou’s massif !
+/- 4 hours of activities
For the strong sensations lover, From 16years old
Off-road excursion : +/- 2h of hiking, picnik break and +/- 5h of canyoning in the most beautiful wild canyon of the department
Duration : +/- 7 hours
For sportsman looking for adventure. From 16 years old

Rafting :

Initiation to the rafting at the heart of Cathare’s country : small rapids for a playful and refreshing approach !
Duration : +/- 1h15 on 7km
Ideal in family, beginners, from 8 years old
Maximum of sensation on the Aude river with a full of emotions final !
Duration : +/- 1h15 on 7km
For strong sensation lover, family, from 12 years old
A progressive descent which become slower powerfull for a spectacular final with class IV rapids !
Duration : +/- 2h30 on 14km
Strong sensation lover, family, from 12 years old

Rock Climbing :


Initiation to improvment, our climb guides coach you and give you keys to reach the top.

Teaching of node and belay technical

Duration : +/- 2h30 of activities

For beginners from 5 years old, in family and for experienced climbers.

Hydrospeed :

Sensation of living water swim, alternate courses with calm and hecticest passage 
Duration : +/- 2h on 7km
For sportsman, family, from 12 years old
A maximum of sensations with class III / IV rapids
Duration : +/- 2h
Experienced and sport public : from 16 years old


Via ferrata :

Via Ferrata is an vertical hike on a fitted cliff, equipped with a life line which assure your safety all the course, you will appreciate a panoramic view on the Rousillon plain and the Corbières.

You can choice 2 courses :
  • Big course : progression on a dizzy ridge.
Reserved for at ease person with the altitude ang having a good physical condition.
In family with teenager from 14years old, between friends.
+/- 3h30 of activities
  • Small course : less aerial, this initiation is open for family, from 10 years old
+/- 2h of activities
This activity is supervised by a state guide graduate, It could also be proposed in equipment rental if you are already experienced.